The Volta Regional Coordinating Council (VRCC) on Thursday, June 07, 2018 held its fifth Heads of Department meeting as part of its key deliverables under a Performance Contract signed by the Hon. Regional Minister and the Chief Director. The meeting under the contract is to be held monthly.

Welcoming Heads of Department (HoDs) to the meeting, the Chief Director, Mr Felix B. Chaahaah, stated that the presence of the HoDs was an indication of their commitment to support the Hon. Regional Minister achieve his vision for the region.  He also stated that the meeting was institutionalised to ensure inter-sectoral collaboration, for the better understanding of the workings of each department.

The Hon. Regional Minister, Dr Archibald Yao Letsa addressing the meeting stated the need to work as a team. He then reminded participants that the meeting was to be held monthly as contained in the signed Performance Contract. He, therefore, advised that substantive HoDs and not their representatives attend the monthly meetings.

The Hon. Regional Minister also advised that the rules pertaining to the Public Service be adhered to as each department delivers on its mandate. Thus, he entreated them to owe allegiance to the State.

Furthermore, he stated that his doors were opened to all to enable them to work together towards the realization of his vision for the region.

Hon. Letsa also used the opportunity to enumerate some of the numerous achievements of the Volta Regional Coordinating Council as follows:

  1. Procurement and installation of a Generator for the office
  2. Creation of a functional website
  3. Rehabilitation of many vehicles
  4. Marking of the car park.
  5. Revamping of intercom service
  6. The Budget Unit being declared as the best performing in the country
  7. The region is the first to submit its reviewed Budget for the utilisation of the 2018 District Assemblies Common Fund

Additionally, Hon. Letsa indicated that Two Hundred and Seventy-Eight (278) youth from the region were trained in Digital Marketing by the National Youth Authority which was also constructing a multi-purpose youth centre for the region.

He concluded his address by expressing his appreciation to all for their cooperation and entreated them to assist him to achieve the vision of government for the region.

The meeting saw presentations from the following sectors/departments on their sector performance:

  1. Department of Feeder Roads
  2. Ghana Water Company Limited
  3. National Board For Small Scale Industries (NBSSI)