The Department of children in collaboration with Compassion International Adaklu -Have Child development Center organized a day sensitization on the stages of child development at Have on 25th March 2021 on what should be expected of a normally growing child at any of the stages, the signs of delayed or impaired development of a child and how these signs can be cured.

The sensitization also focused on the abuses that occur during these developmental stages and how these abuses can be prevented. The programme was facilitated by the Director, Department of Children and a Health Worker from the Ho Municipal Hospital. The programme was carried out through the Community Public Address System or information center.

The resource persons made the community aware that child development involves the biological, psychological and emotional changes that occurred in human beings and went further to discussed the eight (8) stages of child development.

Parents now appreciate the behavior of children, because they are now fully aware of stages associated with children development and have been remorseful of some of their reactions displayed when these children put up some of the signs discussed.