The construction of a 175m Span Steel Bridge over the Volta Lake on the Agbenoxoe-Dafor Feeder Road progresses steadily.  As of February 2022 when the Regional Department embarked on a monitoring visit to the project, construction work was 83% complete.

The project was awarded on the 31st of October 2017 and scheduled for completion under a revised completion date of   16th March 2022. It is being undertaking by M/s G.S. International Developers (Ghana) Limited and the supervising consultant is M/s A Consult Ltd.  

Furthermore, the project is being executed as a collaboration between the Government of the Republic of Ghana and the Belgium Government in line with the vision of the Department of Feeder Roads of providing access to rural communities. The Belgium Government provided the steel components and the Government of Ghana is responsible for the construction of the abutments, piers and related works.

The proposed bridge under construction crosses the backflow of the Volta Lake at the outskirt of Agbenoxoe on the Agbenoxoe-Dafor Feeder Road. The bridge, when completed is expected to eliminate the difficulty in commuting on the lake which was hitherto by the use of canoe.

The project commencement delayed due to unstable water level which culminated in a revised completion date. That notwithstanding, the project from the assessment of the Department of Feeder Roads has progressed steadily.