It is the desire of Government to provide good and accessible roads to ensure the easy movement of people and goods in order to promote wellbeing, health, economic activities and development. In line with this desire, the Government has embarked on upgrading the Mafi–Adadepo Wute and Yorkitikpo–Kpoviadzi Road in the Central Tongu District of the Volta Region. The untarred road has been awarded as a project by the Ministry of Roads and Highways through the Department of Feeder Roads to Messrs. Sanam Ghana Limited for bitumen surfacing.

On 18th May 2022, the Regional  Mnanager of the Department of Feeder Roads, Ing. Gregory Amissah with his key technical team visited the project site and inspected procress of work. The inspection was to ensure the section (i.e. total sealing area) of road under construction (Sub-Base layer) conformed to contract specifications on 6th May, 2022. 

During the visit, the Grader operator was forming the areas for filling and Sub-Base layer. The Site Engineer was directed by the Department to provide Road Signs for both pedestrians and traffic (vehicles). He was also directed to provide an additional water tanker at the site to reduce dust (dirt) within the towns.

The project duration is twelve (12) calendar months and the progress of work as of 18th May 2022 was 30.86% completed physically. Twenty-two (22) 0.9meter-pipe culverts were been constructed together with One Thousand, Five Hundred and Fifty-four Kilometers (1,554km) of 0.6m U-drain had been completed.