The Acting Regional Director of the Department of Parks and Gardens, Mr. Emmanuel Agbebianu, on 4th October 2022 embarked on an official visit to the Hohoe Municipal Assembly to monitor and inspect the activities of the Department in the Assembly.

While at the Assembly, Mr. Emmanuel Agbebianu was received by the Municipal Co-ordinating Director, Mr. Godwin Dzansi in his office. There, Mr. Agbebianu briefed him on the purpose of his visit.

Following that meeting, Mr. Agbebianu had a meeting with the Municipal Officer of the Department, Ms. Irene Akrobo who conducted Mr. Agbebianu around the Assembly’s premises and to inspect the activities she had engaged herself in.

Mr. Agbebianu was taken to the nursery of the Department where there were eight (8) beds of vegetable seedlings such as lettuce, cabbage and carrot ready for transplanting.

Even though, it was obseverd that it was getting closer to the dry season, the Department assured of good harvest, for there was enough water for watering of the seedlings

Furthermore, Mr. Agbebianu was conducted round the ornamental nursery of the Department where varieties of plants were being raised.

The Acting Regional Director ended his visit with an interaction with the staff of the Department at the Assembly where he advised them to remain disciplined, and be punctual to work.

The Acting Regional Director was highly impressed with the quality of work and the productivity levels of the Municipal Officer.