Ho Development Association (HODA), a development-oriented mouth-piece, has described the action of Dr Archibald Yao Letsa, Volta Regional Minister for truncating recent “State land grab” transactions as bold, revealing and nationalistic.

A release signed by Mr Patrice K. Deti, Secretary of HODA and copied to the Ghana News Agency, viewed the action in truncating the transaction based on principles and public outcry.

It questioned the rationale for selling the land at a prime and security zone, time of sale, and believed this was intended to serve the parochial interests of some nation wreckers.

It urged the Regional Coordinating Council to delve into the bottom of the transaction, acquisition procedures and possible flouting of laid down regulations.

It recommended severe punishment for officials, whose action might have short-changed the state and the masses to serve as deterrence to others, who might want to “set the clock of progress back.”

HODA believed that it would forestall many mistrust and pain suffered by land owners on the disposal of state lands.

It insisted that sale of state land or property should be done with transparency, fairness, security and value for money.

The statement proposed that future land transactions be publicly advertised preferably on notices at the Municipal and District Assemblies so that prospective buyers could bid in an open and competitive manner.

It pledged its full support to the Dr Letsa and demanded same from the people, urging him to continuously open his doors to all and seek the supreme interest of the masses.