The Volta Regional Office of the Department of Community Development in Ho organized a 2-Day Online Training for its staff at the district level. The training, which took place on September 13 and 14, 2022, was aimed at addressing gaps in community development knowledge and skills among the staff. The training was attended by 23 Community Development Officers on the first day and 17 Officers on the second day.

The training was designed to provide community development officers with the requisite tools and techniques to conduct community profiling, and identify as well as analyse community strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It covered various topics, including effective community mobilization techniques, strategies for successful community entry, and methods for conducting thorough community profiling which were crucial in promoting sustainable development and improving community well-being.

Participants were assigned to gather and organize detailed information about the communities in their designated districts of operation following the training. They also had the opportunity to ask questions, share their experiences and best practices, and engage in discussions with their peers.

The training was well-received by the participants, with many reporting that they felt better equipped to effectively mobilize and engage communities in the discharge of their duties. Some participants even recommended that similar trainings be held annually to refresh their knowledge and skills and aid them serve their communities better.

With their newfound knowledge and skills, the community development officers set out to improve the lives of the people in their communities.