The Department of Gender with support from UNFPA followed up on the activities and performance of members of Watch Committees in six (6) communities within Central Tongu Districts which the Department inaugurated in 2020 and held community engagements with selected members of the communities. The Communities were put into two groups. The first group comprises Watch Committee members and selected community members from Mafi Dadoboe, Wute, and Tsawla. this group met at Mafi Dadoboe  on 29th April , 2021.

Participants for the second group were drawn from Klukpo, Alorsekope and Anfoe and converged at Mafi-Klukpo on 27th May 2021 for the engagement and sensitization.

 The six Watch Committees comprises forty-two (42) members. The members shared their experiences, challenges with the Department and made some recommendations for the consideration of the Department.

The Department sensitized the selected community members on the negative effects of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), child marriage, teenage pregnancy and parental responsibilities.

In all, one hundred and fifty-eight (158) participants were present, made up of one hundred (100) males and fifty-eight (58) females.

As part of the programme, the Department supported the six (6) committees with twenty-five (25) wellington boots, twenty-five (25) torch lights and twenty-five (25) mosquito repellents.

The Department swore-in thirteen (13) community members from Alorsekope, Klukpo and Anfoe who, voluntarily, joined the Watch Committees in their communities.