This programme was under the theme: “Consequences of Child Neglect and How It Can Be Addressed” as well as The Rights and Responsibilities of Children. It was held at Vume-Kpoviadzi in the Central Tongu District on 15th September, 2021. The aim of the community engagement was to broaden the knowledge most especially of the parents on how they can ensure positive parenting by ensuring that child neglect and abuse is shunned in all of their parenting approaches.

Topics presented at the programme covered who a child is, what child neglect is, causes of child neglect, signs of child neglect, effects/consequences of child neglect and ways through which child neglect can be prevented.

The participants were also educated on the rights and responsibilities of children. The entire community benefited from the programme. After the education, community members promised to improve parenting behavior and immediate reduction in physical abuse and also to maintain positive change in physical and verbal interaction with their children.