An officer from Community Development, Regional Director of GEA and an officer from Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit on the 4th of February, 2021 visited two (2) communities namely, Cement and Todome communities.

The objectives were to;

  1. To monitor progress attained by trained artisans, sales agents and sales entrepreneurs.
  2. Engage artisans, sales agents and entrepreneurs to promote collaboration and discuss prevailing challenges as well as find sustainable solutions to mitigate them.

On fifth of February 2021, a meeting was held with trained artisans, sales agents and sales entrepreneurs in the district. The objective was to take records of the number of latrines they had completed and those under construction and also engaged them to find out the number of individuals that they had trained.

The meeting was attended by sixteen (16) artisans, two (2) sales agents, one (1) soap maker, one (1) District EHSU officer, one (1) District Community Development officer and staff from the Business Advisory Centre in the District.