The Ministry of Roads and Highways through the Department of Feeder Roads awarded Gbokope –Melenu Feeder Road and others as a contract for spot improvement in order that the roads become more motorable.   The contract which has a duration of twelve (12) calendar months is being executed by Messrs. Goboco Company Limited.

On 10th August 2022, the Regional  Mnanager of the Department of Feeder Roads, Ing. Gregory Amissah with his key technical team visited Gbokope–Melenuin the North Tongu District to ensure positions for the construction of culverts conform to contract specifications.  During the visit, the Site Engineer was directed by the Department to provide Roads Signs for both pedestrians and traffic (vehicles) as a result of the road diversion to make available working space for the Construction of a new culvert. The Laboratory Engineer pointed out to the project site Engineer locations where filling materials could be obtained for the project.

The progress of work as of the visit was 25% completed physically.