The Volta regional Coordinating Council (VRCC) has maintained her position as the best performing Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) in the 2021 performance and evaluation of the RCCs and the Metropolitan/Municipal/District Assemblies (MMDAs) in Local Government Service (LGS).

As stated in the LGS 2021 Annual Performance and Evaluation report, the Performance Management System (PMS), a systematic process for improving performance of staff, was used to conduct the assessment. It is operationalized
through the Performance Management Instruments (Contract & Appraisal) in which the
Service enters into agreement and commitment with its employees to set clear, quantifiable
objectives and indicators for attainment within a given timeframe.
For the year 2021, Performance Contracts (PCs) based on planned achievement of indicators
in Key Performance Areas were signed between Honourable Regional Ministers (RMs) and
their Regional Coordinating Directors (RCDs) at the Regional level and Honourable
Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) and their Metropolitan,
Municipal and District Coordinating Directors (MMDCDs) at the Distric level.

The main objectives of the exercise were to:
 Monitor and verify the annual performance of RCCs & MMDAs based on their
Annual Performance Evaluation Reports from the Performance Contracts signed
between the RMs and RCDs as well as MMDCEs and MMDCDs;
 Identify comprehensive recommendations and feedback on the findings of the
performance status of the RCCs and MMDAs against their evaluation reports; and
 Provide recommendations for improvement of the PMS.

The VRCC under sterling the leadership of Hon. Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa (Regional Minister), after undergoing this rigorous assessment with the other 15 RCCs, stood tall with an impressive performance of 96.63%; an improvement over the previous year’s score of 94.88%.

What is more gratifying is the fact that the Region has seen an appreciable improvement in the performance of its Assemblies under the assessment with the Keta and Hohoe Municipal Assemblies joining t he category of “Excellent Performers” by ranking 15th and 19th out of 261 Assemblies in the country respectively. This was something that eluded the Region in the 2020 Assessment.

Dr. Letsa, in his reaction to the report, stated that “I am proud of the Management and Staff of the VRCC whose hard work and dedication have brought about this achievement. I am equally proud of our Assemblies for having answered my call to work assiduously to join the group of Best-performing Assemblies of the country.