The Public Works Department (PWD) under the Volta Regional Co-ordinating Council can boast of officers with the knowledge and expertise to plan, supervise the construction and maintain all Government bungalows, office blocks and other State owned properties.  The PWD shares the knowledge and expertise of its officers with officers of the Works Department of the Various Municipal and District Assemblies of the Region through monitoring exercises. In April 2022, two (2) Assemblies, North and Central Tongu District Assemblies, were monitored for the first quarter (January to March) of 2022. Physical infrastructural projects of the Assemblies were inspected during the quarter.

While in the two Assemblies, visual inspection of on-going projects were carried out through project site visits to ascertain progress of work or satisfactory completion of work. Also, Project Files were checked to ascertain the level of commitment in ensuring procurement processes were duly followed and projects implemented were properly supervised. Project cost, progress reports and payments made during execution of works were also verified during the monitoring. Lapses, observed as findings, were communicated to the Assemblies for correction.