The Woodwork Shop and Mechanical Yard of the Public Works Department has served as Skill Trades Testing Exam Centre for the National Vocational and Technical Institute (NVTI).  In June 2022, the Woodwork Shop and Mechanical Yard was used for the conduct of proficiency exams for artisans in Oti and Volta Regions. 

Not only did the Department serve as a centre but also the Department provided assistance for the NVTI in the conduct of Proficiency Exams in General Carpentry Works and Auto-Mechanics. Two Officers of the Department,  Mr. Kpogli Kafui, Foreman in charge of the Mechanical Unit and Mr. De-Young Ansah, Assistant Chief Technician Engineer in charge of the Carpentry Unit assisted examiners from National Vocational and Technical Institute in the conduct of the exams.

Twenty-eight registered candidates (28), comprising one female (1) and twenty-seven males (27) were assessed on the various disciplines of carpentry and vehicle maintenance. The woodwork machines and vehicles undergoing repair works at the Mechanical Yard were used by the examiners to test the efficiency and skills of the candidates.