The Regional Department of Social Welfare commemorated the 2022 Mothers’ Day Celebration with the Klefe Chapter of the Pensioners Association of Ghana in Ho on 10th May 2022.  The celebration was at the behest of the Association during which the Department seized the opportunity to make a presentation on the topic “The Ideal Family”.

The Regional Director of the Department, Mrs. Stella Agbezuhlor Mawutor during the presentation highlighted the Emerging Social Issues which confront the family in the current dispensation and the role of community members in the management and prevention of the issues. She made reference to the Child and Family Welfare Policy and the role of the Department in ensuring that all stakeholders and opinion leaders in the Community have the necessary information in the prevention of risk and vulnerabilities which confront the well-being of families in the communities while making the presentation.

Importantly, the presentation identified and emphasised the social, economic and political roles of the family and how to work towards the ideal family.

Mothers’ Day is an annual event marked worldwide to give recognition to the unequal role played by mothers in providing care and protection to their offspring and the vulnerable members of the household.