The Regional Department of Social Welfare as part of efforts to ensure adherence to standards and adequate protection for children embarks on regular monitoring and provision of technical support under the Alternative Care System for vulnerable children. The regular monitoring is geared towards strengthening the Alternative Care System for vulnerable children in the Volta Region.

On the 30th of December 2022, the Department visited and monitored two (2) Residential Homes for Children. The two were Madamfo Ghana Children Shelter, a licensed Children’s Home and Remar Ghana, a Children’s Home which was recently issued with closure directives. At Madamfo Ghana Children Shelter, the Department evaluated adherence to standards while verification of compliance with closure directives issued in November 2021 was carried out at Remar Ghana. The Team from the Department inspected the premises of both facilities and had meetings with their staff.

Findings from the monitoring exercise indicated that Remar was yet to comply fully with the removal of the Children’s Home signpost from the frontage of its building as directed. They therefore were advised to comply with the directive before the end of January 2023.

Madamfo Children’s Shelter, during the exercise, was identified to be confronted with the challenge of bedbug infestation and had all the wooden beds removed to be replaced with metal ones. It was also observed that they had challenges in the proper utilization of case management forms they were provided with.  Thus, staff of the Shelter were taken briefly through the process of using the forms. They were however informed that the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development of Ho Municipal Assembly would be providing an in-depth training on how they could use the forms.