The Volta Regional Co-ordinating Council has inaugurated the Rate Assessment Committees for the Eighteen (18) Municipal and District Assemblies (M/DAs) on the 14th of December, 2021.

The inaugural ceremony targeted 90 participants drawn from the Regional Office, Municipal and District Assemblies. Each District Rate Assessment Committee was made up of five (5) members from comprising the following:

  1. The District Budget Analyst (DBA),
  2. District Finance Officer (DFO),
  3. District Physical Planning Officer (DPPO),
  4. The Assembly Lawyers and
  5. Rep from the Regional Lands Commission.

 Thirty-three (33) females, representing 30%, participated in the event.

The Volta Regional Minister, Hon. Archibald Yao Letsa in his address entreated all members of the respective Committees to uphold the tenants of the Committee’s work as stipulated by law in the Local Governance  Act, 2016 Act 936 [section 153 (1) and (2)]

The Ag. Chief Director Mr. Afenyo in his remarks congratulated the selected members of the Committees and entreated them to work acidulously to resolve all conflicts related to evaluation and rate imposition by Assemblies.  He, furthermore, acknowledged the collaborative funding between Volta Regional Co-ordinating Council and GIZ.