The HGL Farms are located at Adaklu Helekpe in the Adaklu District. The farm has a land size of 500 acres. To enable The Hon. Regional Minister Dr Archibald Yao Letsa abreast himself with the level of the work done at the farm, he paid a visit on Wednesday, 15th June 2018.  The Hon. Minister was accompanied to the farm by its Chief Executive Officer, Mr Senyo Hosi. 

He acknowledged the encouragement and efforts of the Hon. Minister in the establishment of the farm in the region. He stated that the Hon. Regional Minister was constantly contacting him and reminding him of the need to bring on investment to the region. He commended Dr Letsa for his dedication to bringing development to the Volta Region. Mr Hosi briefing the Hon. Regional Minister on the farm indicated that the company has been able to construct 1.2km of the road to the farm, and extended electricity to power the factory to be established on the farm.

He stated the farm has under construction 4 big silos which upon completion would be able to store 3,000 metric lines of grains. The farm would also have a weighing bridge, and a factory to process grains especially maize into snacks and breakfast meals. Mr Hosi furthermore said the farm would engage in three main activities, namely, production of vegetables in the lean season, production of seeds, and production of grains and cereals to be either sold or processed into meals.

He also indicated that in future, when all constructions are done, people especially the youth shall be encouraged to own lots on the farm which they shall be made to take care of and produce vegetables and grains. He was of the view that any country that could not feed itself could not develop. Thus, he stated the only two things that could bring the much-needed development to the country are agriculture and tourism. He also indicated that to promote local economic development, contractors, and artisans have been selected from the catchment area of the farm. The farm also has under construction a dam to cover a four-acre land. The farm currently has on pilot onion and maize seed farms. Mr Hosi was optimistic that by 1st quarter of 2019, the farm would be in full operations.

The Hon. Regional Minister toured the farm and was impressed about what was going on. He was full of praise for Mr Hosi. He indicated that he had been encouraging Mr Hosi to come to do something for the people of the region whom he is passionate about. He was happy that Mr Hosi had embarked on the project, some challenges notwithstanding.

Dr Letsa was optimistic that the project would supply about 1,000 people with jobs within the next five years, and would support agriculture development in the region. He said the success of this project would bring 1,000 other investors into the region. He commended Mr Hosi for his intention to extend similar projects to other parts of the district. He expressed the hope that land shall be made available by the people. He said Adaklu District Is blessed to be hosting about five factories.

The Regional Minister was happy what was being done fits well into The President’s Initiatives of One District One Factory.