Easter Celebration is observed in remembrance of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ as evidence of the atonement for our sins and assurance of our reconciliation with our Maker.

The Celebration, is no doubt, without some funfair and other social activities in our Region. However, in this era of the spread of the COVID-19, the celebration of this festival cannot be done as usual. I therefore understand and share in the feelings of the people of the Region in this season of Easter in the midst of the pandemic.

Consequently, as we celebrate this festival with our families: avoiding social gatherings, and observing all the protocols and directives issued to curtail the spread of the virus, I have no doubt that we shall resurrect from this pandemic much stronger and with greater hope for a better life. We might be down now; however, one thing I am certain of is our resurrection (rise) to build a better Region and contribute to the total development of our dear nation, Ghana.

I wish you all; the people of the Volta Region, both citizens and Residents; a joyous Easter Celebration in a very special way. May we continue to make the sacrifices in this era for a COVID-19 free region same way our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for our salvation

Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa

Hon. Volta Regional Minister.