The Department of Human Resources of the Volta Regional Co-ordinating Council (VRCC) held a three-day training, from 1st to 3rd September, for key officers of Assemblies in the Volta Region with the participation of some regional officers. The training was in line with the VRCC’s mandate was to help staff of the RCC and MMDAs address observations made during the assessment of the implementation of the 2020 Performance Contracts signed between Honourable Regional Ministers and their Regional Coordinating Directors and also between Honourable Municipal and District Chief Executives and their respective Coordinating Directors.

The training provided the platform for the MMDAs to receive direct feedback on their performance in the assessment, an understanding of the indicators on each key performance area, avidable pitfalls, and the reporting relationships and communication channels challenges observed. The learning opportunity created through the training was also used to sensitize participats on the import of performance contracts and appraisals and nuggests to manage the political and technocrat interphases in public administration.

The training was facilitated through the use of adult learning skills namely presentations and open forums which generated interest and enabled participants to raise critical questions that helped the facilitators to provide further and indepth clarity on the grey areas of the revenue enhancement.

Fourteen key officers from each MMDA which summed up to two hundred and thirty-eight (238) officers (205 males and 33 females) participated in the training and these included District Chief Executives, District Co-ordinating Directors, Agric Officers, Planning Officers, HR Officers, Finance Officers, Heads of Works Department, Budget Analysts, MIS Officers, Admin Officers, District Health Officer, Environmental Health Officers, Physical Planning Officers, Social Welfare & Community Development Officers and Internal Auditors. The training was organised in clusters of six (6) MMDAs. Senior officers of the RCC and the OHLGS were also present.

Notable officers in attendance were Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa (Hon. Regional Minister), Mr. Prosper Afenyo (Regional Co-ordinating Director) Mrs. Lilian Baeka (Director for Management and Technical Services, OHLGS), Mr. Edwin Barns (Consultant for the OHLGS)and Mr Cyril Dzinyanu Xatse (Regional Head, Department of Human Resources). Also present were some regional level officers including the Regional Internal Auditor, Regional Economic Planning Officer, Regional Budget Analyst, Regional Accountant and the Regional Social Welfare and Community Development Officer among others.