Mr. Joel Aweyam, a Social Development Officer at the Regional Office of the Department of Community Development, trained the child protection team in Ho on online monitoring and reporting. The objective was to equip participants (District Child Protection Actors) with prerequisite skills in monitoring and reporting Child Protection Community Engagements with Toolkits on the online system on the 19th of August, 2021.

The names of all the participants were collated and configured into the system to generate usernames and passwords for each participant. After generating the usernames, participants were helped to login and do the following;

  1. How to open a new report, fill the required questionnaire and submit
  2. How to edit a submitted report, and
  3. How to view a submitted report.

Participants were also taken through the modalities in taking the GPS of a community, attaching pictures obtained from community meetings/engagements and observational indicators that confirm a successfully submitted report.