Mr. Bernard Avle of Citi Fm/News, Mrs. Dzifa Gbeho-Bampoh of TV3, Ms. Emefa Apawu of Multimedia and Ms. Ivy Dela Prosper, an Ambassador with the Ghana Tourism Authority, Brand Ambassadors of Volta Trade and Investment Fair 2021, paid courtesy call on me at the Residency, Ho on Saturday July 17, 2021.

The Ambassadors are notable personalities in the media space of our nation who are based in Accra but hail from the Volta Region.

They have accepted to promote the Fair pro bono as part of their contributions toward the development and job creation in their home region.

It was refreshing to see how the participation of these ambassadors in the promotion of the Fair and their 3-Day Tour of some Tourist Sites in the Volta Region which began on Friday, July 16, 2021 under the #VisitVolta Campaign have whipped up interest in many people within and beyond the country.

It was also refreshing to hear the Ambassadors express their fascination about the beauty and tourism potentials of the region.

It was equally refreshing to hear them express their support for the Fair and their preparedness to participate in it come November, 2021.

In fact, the acknowledgement of the Ambassadors of the team I work with in the region as being strong and committed with praises for the Regional Director of the Ghana Tourism Authority, Mr. Alexander Nketia and the President of the Association of Ghana Industries, Eastern, Volta and Oti Regions Chapter, Mr. Dela Gadzanku was exhilarating.

The Ambassadors’ acknowledgement of my leadership style was humbling and motivating enough for me to continue to work for the development of our dear region.

I was grateful to the Ambassadors for accepting to promote the Fair as part of their contributions to the development of their region.

I was also grateful to them for the positive remarks about the team I have as I expressed how proud I was about them. I stated that members of my team and those I work with have the liberty to function as responsible officers.

I was emphatic about how proud I was about the region, and my commitment to create more jobs in the region based on the enabling environment created by government.

I indicated that it is our desire as a Co-ordinating Council to encourage other citizens of the region living outside to come and invest in it.
I therefore requested that the Ambassadors support us in that regard by appealing to those citizens who have the financial capital to invest.

I indicated my availability to engage the Ambassadors on issues that would inure to the benefit and development of the region.

I acknowledged that if the region was doing well, it was as aresult of the team I had.

May I therefore seize the opportunity to express my appreciation to Mr. Dela Gadzanku, Mr. Alexander Nketia, Rev. Isaac Adza-Tettey, the Regional Economic Planning Officer, and Mr. Atsu Sedzro, the Trade Fair Project Co-ordinator for working tirelessly to get the Ambassadors to embark on the tour.

I am also grateful to Mr. Fred Avornyo, Founder, Institute for Financial and Economic Journalists and Mr. Mawuli Fui Kwadzovia, Public Relations Officer of the Bui Power Authority for their support.